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Cyber-Berkut TechnologyThe Cyber Berkut blog is founded and run by two computer technology specialists from Vienna who decided to dedicate their free time teaching other people who are willing to learn about cybersecurity and hacking techniques.

Here you can get informed and stay up to any news and rumors in this field of technology. We are constantly following all major Tech blogs and experts and re-share news & happenings at this blog and also add our own research and thoughts to it.
In other section we share tutorials, tricks ‘n tips from our own experience to teach about ethical hacking, protecting yourself from getting hacked / infected by malware and other similar guides.

It’s important to add that this blog shares same name like other organization from Russia and Ukraine “Cyber Berkut” who can be seen operating on domains “cyber-berkut.org” and “cyber-berkut.ru”. And to make things clear and not confuse visitors who come to this website, we need to say that this blog; Cyber-berkut.net is independent website and it’s not owned, affiliated or associated with these domains (cyber-berkut.org and cyber-berkut.ru) in any way. We are different kind of company who is covering different type of topics.

If you want to share a feedback, contact us regarding anything, or propose something, feel free to message us using our contact page.


Cya around and enjoy your stay!

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